Rooftop Air Conditioner Basics – Q and A

We get a lot of questions about rooftop air conditioners, especially the GE Rooftop Air Conditioners. Whether you are a mechanic at an RV dealership or a proud new owner of any type of RV, these answers from our team can help you understand and utilize the GE RV air conditioner to its fullest extent. 

If you have others, feel free to contact us and our friendly service team would be happy to answer them! 

Can the GE Rooftop Air Conditioner plug into my existing system?

Yes, we have adaptor kits that will connect the GE Rooftop Air Conditioner with the single zone and mechanical controls of several legacy systems. Unfortunately, these cannot be applied with heat pump models just yet, but we are actively working on a solution for better compatibility of the heat pump model with legacy systems. 

Is the GE Rooftop Air Conditioner safe to run overnight?

Yes, all rooftop air conditioning systems are designed to be run overnight. One thing we love about the heat pump model by GE Appliances is the auto changeover feature. Once the outdoor temperature gets below 25°F, the heat mode automatically engages the auxiliary heat sources (e.g. RV furnace) to provide ultimate comfort and to prevent you from having to switch it yourself in the middle of the night. 

Can I install the GE Rooftop Air Conditioner myself?

While there are many experienced DIY campers that are very capable, we always recommend that it get installed by an experienced RV maintenance technician. 

How long does a GE Rooftop Air Conditioner last?

It depends on how often you use the product and environmental conditions at play. GE Appliances has strict testing standards that will ensure maximum lifespan no matter where you go. 

Does the GE Rooftop Air Conditioner run on propane or generator?

This runs on a generator. We advise that the user consult their generator manufacturer’s recommendations for best performance.

Can you run the GE Rooftop Air Conditioner on solar power?

This is completely dependent on the size of the system and RV air conditioner model. If you have the appropriate system and model, then the GE Rooftop Air Conditioner is compatible with most solar power systems. We are constantly developing products for this market and plan to have more solutions in the future for easier connectivity and more efficient operations. 

Can you have multiple units?

Absolutely, depending on the power availability (30 or 50 Amps) you may see 1 to 3 RV air conditioners on a coach.

What kind of RV maintenance and cleaning is required?

We recommend always keeping your filters clean, as well as inspecting and cleaning the condenser coil periodically. Just like your home, these coils can become dirty and clogged with debris from the outside environment. If these are not kept clean, it can affect the efficiency of the RV air conditioner and possibly shorten its lifespan.

There you have it – some of our top questions about the GE Rooftop Air Conditioner answered. For more information or to speak with someone on our service team, please contact us here. Shop the GE Rooftop Air Conditioner models and accessories on our website!

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