Living your best RV life has a lot to do with how well you pack everything you need while still having room for functionality. When it comes to cold storage spaces, creativity is key! Your RV fridge is your access point to daily meals – but space can sometimes be limited.

When you’re prepping to hit the road, these four tips and tricks can help you make the most of your RV refrigerator space:

1. Pare it Down

Condiments are a wonderful addition to any meal – but they also tend to be in bulky packaging. It’s helpful to put things like salad dressings, ketchup and mustard, into smaller containers that easily fit into the refrigerator. Paring down condiments will leave space for the larger items you need to keep cold. 

2. Organization equals Efficiency

First, think about your refrigerator shelf space and where items will fit best. For example, the door storage is the warmest (and smallest) part of the fridge. So, place your pared-down condiment containers there to keep them out of the way of larger and more temperature-sensitive items. Conversely, the bottom shelves of the fridge tend to be the coldest and largest part of the fridge – a perfect place for dairy products and other more oversized items.

The critical takeaway is to put things where they make the most sense – if you use it often, keep it up front. If it is a specific food type, keep it with others of the same kind. Then, when you’ve organized your fridge in a way that resonates with you, you’ll spend less time rooting around to find the things you need.

3. Keep it Clean

Make sure to keep your RV fridge clean throughout the trip. Think about scheduling regular cleaning sessions and purchase only what you need for the next few days. Take inventory during cleanings to help determine your shopping list. That way, you will avoid spoiled food items, and your fridge space will remain a clean environment. Not to mention you’ll save money!

4. Consider Upgrading

You’re not limited to the storage conditions that come stock with your RV refrigerator. Adding clear bins and trays to your fridge can help you easily identify food items as well as support your mission to keep it clean. As an added benefit, clear bins and trays create a very stackable-friendly environment – allowing you to fit more into the limited space.

It seems elementary, but simple organization is a game-changer for maximizing space in your RV refrigerator. Looking to upgrade your RV refrigerator for even more space?

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